Welcome to us

We appreciate that you visit us, and within a short while, the total site will be available in English as well. In the meantime, here you find a short presentation, and hopefully this will help you to understand the various choices on this site. But please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, should there be any queries.

We represent some interior design companies, who stand behind the values such as “sustainability – good design – pleasant both to eye and ear”. Good design should not only be nice to look at, comfortable and flexible, but also consider the need of sound-absorption in any environment, regardless of public spaces or residential areas.


radius furniture for canteens, offices, universities as well as residential, Danish design

Jensen plus - furniture with tables and accessories for public space  www.jensenplus.com

coathangers, accessories, chairs and tables from italian REXITE and dutch CASCANDO


Environmental issues

All our business partners are striving for best possible solutions, of course including the environment. Everywhere such as in the production process, when using resources and spareparts, in logistics and concerning the recycling process.
And we also believe that each individual, can benefit with small things, like using low energy bulbs, assort the garbage as much as possible, recycle bottles and in general contribute to the world that we are living in. This does also include helping aid to catastrophes around the world, even the very smallest contribution as long as it comes from the heart. Together we will make the difference.